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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Ferrell Hospital offers both Phase II and Phase III Cardiac Rehabilitation. Our Cardiac Rehabilitation Program coordinates exercise training and preventative services for people with cardiac illness. Our outpatient program is a structured and monitored program with ECG monitoring on cardiac patients.

Phase II Cardiac Rehab is specifically for patients who have recently had a heart attack or heart surgery. Patients in this program wear heart monitors while exercising and attend education classes to learn about living with heart disease.

Phase III Cardiac Rehab is for graduates of Phase II, as well as other patients whose insurance may not cover Phase II. Participants in Phase III are closely monitored during exercise and have their progression guided by our knowledgeable staff. Each participant in Phase III has an exercise program designed specifically for them.

Program Goals

This program is designed to help educate the patient and their caregivers with diet, exercise, and modification of lifestyle risk factors.

To return to their optimal level of functioning by progressing through the three phases of the program

Eligibility Requirements

Physician referral with diagnosis of the following:

Cardiac Rehab
Post MI
Post Coronary artery bypass
Post Stent Placement
Stable Angina Pectoris

Program Design

Dr. Nate Oldham, Medical Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation, will meet with the patient and supervise his/her progress. An exercise prescription will be written and for cardiac patients continuous ECG monitoring during the sessions.

Sessions generally will last from 45 minutes to 1 hour per session. They will continue up to 12 weeks maximum. The program could be less depending on progress.


The majority of insurance companies will pay for cardio-pulmonary rehab. Medicare will pay 80% of charges if the patient has a qualifying diagnosis.

For specific questions please contact our Cardiac Rehabilitation staff at 618-273-3361 ext. 389.