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Inpatient Services

At Ferrell Hospital, our goal is to provide excellent care to patients and their families in a safe, private, friendly environment. The doctors and nurses at Ferrell work together as a team to ensure all of your health care needs are met with skill and compassion, and we strive to involve families in the delivery of care whenever possible. Our facility includes both private and semi-private rooms, and we will do our best to assign a bed that fits your and your family's needs during your stay. Nurses at Ferrell are always available and ready to help if you have any questions or concerns.

There may be instances following a stay at Ferrell or another hospital, where your physician feels you need a little more time to recover before returning home.  Maybe you’ve had a joint replacement or other surgery; or maybe you need additional treatment to manage your pain or IV antibiotics.  This type of care, referred to as ‘skilled care,’ can be managed through Ferrell’s Swing Bed Excellence program.   We know you have many choices when selecting a skilled care provider.   We hope the quality, compassionate care provided by the Ferrell team will make the decision an easy one.