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Swing Bed Excellence

We are dedicated to providing you with an environment “built on excellence.” You will find our nursing staff courteous, respectful and enthusiastic to serve your every need. Our highly trained staff will work closely as a team to provide your health care services.
Our Swing Bed Excellence program relates to the provision of skilled services for qualified patients. Under the Medicare benefit, as well as the benefit plans of many insurance carriers, the skilled/swing bed level of care is available after patients have had an acute care stay spanning 3 midnights. Skilled care is provided in the Medical-Surgical area of the hospital, however the bed “swings,” or changes to a different level of care.
We offer:
  • Skilled Nursing Care
  •  Physical, Speech, and Occupational Therapy
  •  Nutrition Counseling
  •  Activities
  •  Ancillary Services (lab, imaging, respiratory therapy, pharmacy)
  •  Discharge Planning
The Swing Bed Team works cooperatively to plan the care and assist with education and discharge planning. This includes discussion with you, your physician as well as any family or other loved ones who are involved in your care.  Our team will work to ensure you have a safe transition to home. 

Click here to download a PDF of the Swing Bed Brochure.