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For Patients and Visitors

Welcome to Ferrell Hospital.  While you are here, it is our goal to ensure your experience is safe, comfortable and pleasant.   In addition to friendly employees and excellent care, we hope you will enjoy some of the amenities we offer such as free Wi-Fi and our gift shop, which offers a variety of snacks and beverages.  

Tobacco-free Policy
Ferrell is a tobacco-free hospital. Smoking or other tobacco use is not allowed in Ferrell buildings, property, sidewalks or parking areas. Please ask a member of our team for directions to the designated smoking area.

Patient Dining
Our cafeteria serves patients of Ferrell Hospital by providing healthy and tasty food options. We work with your physician, and with you, to ensure we know about special dietary needs or preferences.  When preparing food, we always have your health in mind.

Your Room
Your room may be private (1 bed) or semi-private (2 beds). If we are unable to provide you with your choice of room, we will transfer you as soon as possible.  If the temperature in your room is not comfortable, please let the nursing staff know so that it can be adjusted.

Calling the Nurse
Each bed has a control panel that calls the nurses’ station. Feel free to ask the nurse to demonstrate this feature so that you are comfortable in using it should the need arise.

There are telephones in each room. If you prefer to remove the telephone from your room, please notify the nurse. To dial an outside line, you must dial a 9 followed by the number. Only local calls may be made on the room phones. Your family and friends can reach you on your room phone by dialing 273-3361. If you are in bed A, your extension is your room number. If you are in bed B, your extension is your room number starting with a 2. (For example: To call bed A in room 123 the extension is 123. The extension for bed B is 223.) Due to the possibility of interference with electronic equipment in the hospital, cellular phones may be used depending on care being provided.

Flat screen televisions are provided in all patient rooms and are free. We ask that you are considerate of other patients by keeping your volume low and turning off your television at night. Please ask your nurse if you need assistance in using your tv controls. 


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